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Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday Update: 3/24/14

I had Spring Break last week, so we're going to get into some sort of a greatest hits of last week here on the Monday Update
NBA 2K14 (X360): Second Appearance, Second Straight
I continued with my single character, but I figured out it's really hard to defend any good player only controlling one player. It's really hard to defend LeBron James or Kevin Durant, and the game gives you lower grades for being unable to stop players from scoring, even if your individual offensive play is solid. Though I still think it's a solid game, I actually sort of wish that it was a bit less realistic. In many games, especially when playing as a team with a lottery pick, you'll find yourself losing, and since my player has to come off the bench, you feel sort of helpless. I've found that you almost always lose to the teams you're supposed to lose to, which is realistic, and expected, but not exactly what I prefer when I'm playing games.

Revenge of Shinobi (Genesis): First Appearance
I played this for way too long yesterday because it was the only game I wanted to try on my Genesis. I've never been a fan of the Shinobi series, for no real reason other than the fact that I have not tried any of them up until this point. I believe I will remain not a fan of the Shinobi series after trying Revenge of Shinobi. The fact that I associate ninja-action games with Ninja Gaiden is probably the cause of why I don't like Shinobi very much, I'd rather hit things with a sword than throw shurikens at them and my tiny baby brain can't accept anything else.

Tetris (NES): First Appearance
Interestingly enough, I've never had a copy of Tetris for the NES in my possession until this week. It's just about everything I expected.

Dr. Mario (NES): First Appearance
Why have I gone for NES games recently? Beats me. Dr. Mario is vastly overlooked when it comes to puzzle games, probably because it's so much different than other games like Tetris or Columns, where the pieces falling from the top of the screen are the only pieces in the game. Having a second aspect to rid from the screen is a smart idea, and unlike in Tetris 2, it's done well because the pieces are all the same aside from colors. My only real complaint is steeply the difficulty curves: the jump between the fourth and fifth screen is a wee bit too much for my likes.

Dr. Mario's soundtrack may be the best soundtrack on the NES in terms of saturation. Since there are only two themes, Fever and Chill, fittingly enough, and they're both classics, there's a 100 percent chance that you're going to end up with a good song. I like those odds, and I like this game. Also the little viruses are cute. Also I like the idea that Nintendo found the best idea to make this game work was making Mario a physician, because there's a little more flair to it than in most other puzzle games. Nintendo could have made this emotionless like Tetris 2, but they chose to give it a personality of sorts, and people remember the characters, music, and atmosphere of Dr. Mario (It takes place in a giant pill bottle! I don't think there are any other games that can boast that.) more than Columns, which is of similar quality game-wise but absolutely forgettable in terms of atmosphere. At least Tetris had that Russian vibe with the music and graphics going on.

Well, Rest In Peace Spring Break, and also my school's basketball team lost in the second round so we have two stupid dumb weekends until the Masters take place. I am ready. I don't even like golf that much but I get really jazzed for the Masters.

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