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Monday, February 18, 2013

I'm just going to tell you about how great Sega Rally Championship is

Back in the mid-1990s, very few racing games could actually stand by any promise of realism. Outside of Test Drive and the early Need for Speed games, most racing games were based in fantasy. Fantasy is cool, but those looking for an actual driving experience (for whatever reason necessary) probably were left in the figurative dust of games of the era.

That was before Sega Rally Championship. This game understands driving and handling almost perfectly. This is remarkable, especially with the fact that this control, this near-perfect control, is done only on an 8 direction digital pad, without any sort of pressure sensitive buttons for acceleration. That's like Tony Hawk landing a 900 on a skateboard made from a broken, rotten 2 x 4 with a pair of roller skates strapped to the bottom with masking tape. But Sega did it.
There are only 4 courses.
But I don't even care about that
Because all 4 of the courses are great
Except for maybe the last one which is super hard.
 Only 2 playable cars? Not even sort of a problem. You don't even need more than one. Despite the limited number of features, the near-perfect controls and courses make this a must-buy for anyone with a Saturn. Even if you don't have a Saturn, you should buy one and play this game.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Post-Play Report: King's Quest: Quest for the Crown

Over the past year, I've really become interested in point-and-click adventure games. With the completion of King's Quest I, I have basically completed three of the first games that people tell me to try when it comes to point-and-click games. First, I played MYST, the game typically referred to as the game that killed adventure games in the '90s. Second, I played the Secret of Monkey Island, which essentially perfected the adventure formula. As of last night, I've beaten King's Quest. The first one. King's Quest was known as one of the original great adventure games.

This should be considered one of the most important games in the history of gaming. While some of the puzzle solving was confusing, (I had to use a walkthrough for most of the game) it was still a lot of fun to get through.

While my experience in adventure gaming has never exactly been great, (my first adventure game that I really played was actually Dark Seed II, a game that I probably shouldn't enjoy as much as I do) I know what a good game looks like, and King's Quest was just that.

Also I'm terribly sorry for using a walkthrough

Friday, February 15, 2013

Post-Play Report: Tecmo Super Bowl

Well, push has come to shove, and last night I took a shot at Super Bowl 28 in Tecmo Super Bowl. The opponent was (as was typical at that time) the Buffalo Bills. While they started off with a ten point lead, eventually, I was able to come back and it ended like this:
For one: Reggie White dominated throughout the whole game. It shows up there that Thurman Thomas ran for only about 26 yards. Weirdly enough, one of those runs was for around 50 yards, but the rest of his attempts were stopped by Reggie White. Also, Jim Kelly was injured in the 3rd quarter and he got replaced by Frank Reich, who proceeded not to do much.

On the other end, Favre had a terrible first 2 quarters. Aside from a 60 yard or so throw to Jackie Harris (Which I assumed would be intercepted) The passing game was dismal. By quarter 3, however, I started to figure it out, and I took the lead with 2 touchdowns. It was sweet.

Admittedly, this is the first time I've ever actually won a Super Bowl in a video game. I don't play many NFL games, but this is the one that I've played the most. I've probably had the most fun with Tecmo Super Bowl out of every football based game. While I'll never call this a great sports game, (because of the rubber-band A.I.) it's still a whole lot of fun. I'd say it is better when played in multi-player than single player, though.

This game has provided me some of the most fun that a game has ever given me. Unfortunately, the later games in the series decreased in quality, (even though I did like the recent "Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff" on XBLA) but this game, if you can find it, is one of the most enjoyable football games ever made.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Post-Play Report: Monkey Island: Special Edition

The Monkey Island series was always a series that I wanted to play, but never was really interested in trying out. This past summer, however; I finally decided to give the XBOX Live Arcade release a try. This remake of "The Secret of Monkey Island" is just about as much as can be asked for from a company trying to rekindle interest in a franchise.

The remake gives the whole game a complete makeover, replacing the already great pixelated graphics with beautifully drawn art, as well as giving every character a voice and adding more ambience to scenes where it would apply. This provides a perfect example of how to remake a classic. For only 10 dollars, this game should be purchased and played by everyone.