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Monday, February 18, 2013

I'm just going to tell you about how great Sega Rally Championship is

Back in the mid-1990s, very few racing games could actually stand by any promise of realism. Outside of Test Drive and the early Need for Speed games, most racing games were based in fantasy. Fantasy is cool, but those looking for an actual driving experience (for whatever reason necessary) probably were left in the figurative dust of games of the era.

That was before Sega Rally Championship. This game understands driving and handling almost perfectly. This is remarkable, especially with the fact that this control, this near-perfect control, is done only on an 8 direction digital pad, without any sort of pressure sensitive buttons for acceleration. That's like Tony Hawk landing a 900 on a skateboard made from a broken, rotten 2 x 4 with a pair of roller skates strapped to the bottom with masking tape. But Sega did it.
There are only 4 courses.
But I don't even care about that
Because all 4 of the courses are great
Except for maybe the last one which is super hard.
 Only 2 playable cars? Not even sort of a problem. You don't even need more than one. Despite the limited number of features, the near-perfect controls and courses make this a must-buy for anyone with a Saturn. Even if you don't have a Saturn, you should buy one and play this game.

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