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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Ultimate Independence Day Game

When it comes to video games that celebrate America, people may think of a patriotic World War II shooter, a game based on a heroically stopping terrorism, or the game based on the film based on the holiday celebrating American independence. But really, what's more American than dominating other countries in a sport that we invented?

Team USA Basketball is simply the most patriotic game ever. In what other sports game can you put all of the best professional players in the world on to one team, and then use that team to dominate all other countries who dared to step up to them? In what other game can you show the true superiority of your country through sports? What other game claims to celebrate a global phenomenon while still naming the game after the country it was made in? Team USA Basketball!

So, for this independence day, celebrate your country's superiority in the sport that they created by playing the only game based on (and named after) America's Olympic basketball team.