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Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday Update: 3/17/14

Okay so last week I didn't put anything up due to the reason of I only played Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2, and I don't consider that worthy of a weekly blog post. But let's get started

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (PS1) Second Appearance, sorta kinda second straight appearance but also sorta third
I'm back on one of those "get really good at one of the Tony Hawk games and see how quickly I can beat it" things that I get on every once in a while. I'm not enjoying it, though, because THPS2 gets very tedious around the later levels. I said in my THPS4 video that I thought THPS4 had the worst level design until Project 8, but the lows (Philadelphia, New York, Bullring) are very low in THPS2. At the same time, the best levels (School II, Venice, Skatestreet) are some of the highest in any entry in the franchise.

NBA 2K14 (XB360) First appearance
Hey, remember when I said I'd go buy this game?
I did.
I started with the MyPlayer thing or whatever it's named and I got drafted by the Bucks, then my save file got corrupted.
Then I started again with the MyPlayer thing but I gave the same model a goatee in memory of my first guy. Then, I got drafted by the Mavericks, which was better for me because I don't know about anyone on the Bucks. Anyway, only playing as one guy is fun, but I don't like it as much as I like playing the regular mode "The Association." I have not played a 2K NBA game since 2K5 really (and I'm not counting 2K13 for hopefully obvious reasons) and 2K14 actually works very well! I can understand why people have gone nuts for the series for the past few years (even though to my naked eye, it doesn't look like the series has changed much since 2K11).

Tetris 2 (NES) First appearance
This is going to out me as horribly boring, but Tetris is one of my favorite games of all time. I always knew there was a sequel, but I didn't know the sequel was quite as unplayable as it ended up being. It's a mix of Dr. Mario and Tetris, but those two actually don't work together at all! Along with that, the music is like a droning 14 second loop that never ends.

The Three Stooges (NES) First appearance
I bought this and Tetris 2 at a new game store that I heard about recently. They had this on the cheap, and I knew a little bit about it from the old Pat the NES Punk review from like 2009 (Jesus, that was five years ago? oh god)
I don't enjoy it like Pat did, but that video gives you as much of a description as you'll need. What's really important is the opening sequence. When you turn this game on, you're greeted with the logo for Ghostbusters II. (of course, then, the Three Stooges come out and joked about it). I barely got through the second mini-game so I don't think I'm in a great position to speak on it.

RBI Baseball (NES) Second Appearance
Welp. Detroit-Minnesota, I'm Detroit. The Twins take a two point lead at the bottom of the eighth, but I managed to go on a late rally with two outs and I took a two point lead in the top of the ninth. I was worried that Minnesota would come back and win, and they did. Kirby Puckett, that motherfucker, hit a walk-off home run and they won by one point god damn it.

Also, I've heard that a new RBI is coming out next month supposedly! I'm pretty excited for that for two reasons. First, if they stick to the old formula, this could be a great modern baseball game. Second of all, the remake was apparently commissioned by Major League Baseball because they're disappointed with the quality of recent Major League Baseball games. This would be the first I've ever heard of something like that happening, and I totally get why. If you're a professional sports league, and you have to watch every game licensed by your league be unplayable garbage, it makes sense to be upset, and I'm glad they're finally taking initiative (I'm not sure that 2K was even planning to put a baseball game out this year, which would leave XBOX players in the dust). It will be good to see it back.

Spring break. I have Florida winning the tournament because I'm original

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