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Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Name Game in NBA Live 2003 Round 1 (Part 2)

The next entry in round 1 is as follows:

THE MILLERS were sort of fudged here, but who cares. Like stated in the last post, many of the best players of the 1990s are playable in NBA Live 2003. One of those is Reggie Miller. However, unlike Isiah Thomas, Reggie was still a part of the NBA in 2002. So I put both Reggies on the team in order to make it work. The rest of the team is rounded out by Andre, Mike, and Brad.

THE JACKSONS had a bunch of guards. Their starting five Jimmy, Bobby, Mark, Jermaine, and Marc. Phil probably could have been their coach, but I didn't think about that and I don't think I could do anything to make it so.

The Millers were at an unfair advantage all game. Only a few of the Jacksons were of above average NBA height, while the Millers were anchored by the twin Reggies, relatively tall when talking about shooting guards. With that added to two of the better big men in the NBA at that time in Mike and Brad, the Millers got quite a few blocks in.
Turns out basketball is best played by tall guys
Credit to the Jacksons for not backing down, but a win is a win, and two Reggies are hard to beat.

Game two features teams from Houston and Oakland
THE WILLIAMSES feature the most popular name in the NBA, with eight players! Eight Williams are present in the NBA, enough to legally fill an entire team up with no others. Unfortunately, there's nothing to write home about with the vast majority of Williamses. Outside of Jason at point guard, there are no Williams on the team with a rating above 80. Also, they're almost all small forwards, no big men.

THE THOMASES had almost the exact opposite problem, with three centers, one small forward, and one point guard. However, that point guard happens to be Isiah, so it sort of works out.

Surprisingly, the difference in blocks for this game was much smaller than in the prior contest. That didn't change the fact that the Williamses were unable to do almost anything on either side. Eventually, J-Will started heaving up desperate threes

and then promptly got dunked on by Isiah
low quality .gifs - "we're working on it"

The Williamses just couldn't get anything going, masking a pretty subpar performance by the Thomases.
Here's how the bracket looks after four games:
It will make more sense in the next installment, probably not written until Friday because this week is finals week.

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