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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I forgot to do the Monday Update yesterday 5/26/14

Hey sorry I had to work until 6 and then I had the nerve to attend my sister's birthday party so oh well there was nothing yesterday. You didn't miss much, though.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star First Appearance
I might get some criticism for this, but I remember enjoying Sticker Star when I first played it and I still think it's pretty solid. The combat is certainly different from the prior games, but I still enjoy it. After coming back to it this week, I actually found the solution to one of my main issues with the game: you can actually purchase some of the real-world items at a kiosk manned by a shady figure in Decalburg. I don't know why I didn't know this. I'm glad to get back into it, though.

Wow, really, is this it? I guess I'll include this one-

NCAA Football 2014 First Appearance
Okay, I honestly don't know why I chose to play this one again, but I got to the Sugar Bowl. I've had my dynasty in this game running all the way to 2018. Started as an offensive coordinator at Old Dominion, won eight games, moved 'up' to Eastern Michigan, somehow lucked my way into a national championship because there were no other undefeated teams in the country and only one team with 1 loss. Also this happened-
anyway I somehow got a job at Louisville still as the OC after that, and I won a championship there (the offensive job is very easy in NCAA 2014) and then went on to lose to Tennessee by 40 in the first game of 2017. I won like 6 straight after that and then stopped playing back in October 2013 or so, then I picked up back on Tuesday. I won the rest of my games from then on, but, in a near reflection of the Eastern Michigan situation, I was one of about 5 teams with one loss, then another one with 2 losses and a better schedule strength. I did not return to the championship game despite 12 straight wins, and instead ended up with the Sugar Bowl against SEC runner up South Carolina. That game was a win, which left me with a 26-1 record at Louisville. Then, because I'm dumb and I hate winning games, I chose to go to Illinois for the head coach job.

I want to keep playing a game like this for years at a time. The furthest that I ever got in one game was five seasons of NCAA Football 2005, and I'm entering season 5 in 2014 right now. Can't wait for next year's entry am I right boys

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