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Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Nintendo 3DS is a tremendous piece of technology

I know that nobody has played with the MP3 player capability on the 3DS. It's like the Photo Channel and News Channel on the Wii. You might look at it once, and then forget about it immediately. The one strange thing that I had noticed when I did my mandatory single look and then immediate forgetting of all of the 3DS' new features was that the MP3 player could make the MP3s sound like they were being played through a lo-fi radio, give them a continuous echoing sound, take away the lyrical track, or even turn the MP3s into a chiptune sounding song.

That last option caught my eye. To really comprehend my disbelief about this, you have to understand that creating an "8-Bit" version of a song takes hours of work in some sort of music creation program (I don't do these types of things, mind you.) If a single piece of technology could actually turn a song made by a full band into a chiptune version immediately, it would be incredible. So I tried it out. The first song that I tried with this was one that would seem to be easy for the console to handle. An electronic based song, Indo Silver Club by Daft Punk. Did it work well? Well, I'll just say that this video should speak for itself.

Next time, I try out a different song, one recorded by a full band with an actual singer.

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