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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Monday Update: 9/8/14

Well hey it's been a busy week and I've barely had any time to do anything game-wise. So let's get started.

Well... I guess... Uh (N/A): Technically Not an Appearance
I played no video games this week at all... I don't even know how I did it, but it happened. I've been very busy. Here are other things I have opinions on that I did this week:

The Office (NBC): First Appearance, Also not a game
I wish I was paying attention when this was the best show on American TV, but watching it 4 years after it was constantly quoted by everyone in my Jazz Band class in the 9th grade is good enough. I'm only into season 7 right now, and I'm looking forward to the end of it. I've always been hesitant to watch shows or movies or whatever that I've heard nonstop quotes from, (see: The Hangover, Anchorman, Portal 2) and this was no different, because after I hear what feels like every joke from something I don't feel compelled to try it out. However, this show didn't disappoint, and I was surprised to see how much I like all of the characters, not just the three (Michael, Jim, Dwight) whose words I heard come out of everyone's mouths throughout middle school.

The fact that The Office reached its prime when I was in middle school also contributed to why I didn't watch it, that was when I fancied myself better than everyone else because I didn't watch TV and I only consumed Premium Web Content like The Nostalgia Critic who made funny jokes with a Gun and watched Bad Movies. Even though it's been 5 years since middle school and I'm only now watching it, I absolutely regret not at least trying to see more than a few fleeting episodes at sleepovers and curiously that one time in band class when the director let us watch a copy of season 2's DVD.

Football (SPORT): I don't know how to categorize that
Virginia Tech's back?
Oregon's gonna win a bunch of games this year?
Maybe someday I'll get to see my team get its heart broken by K-State, rather than watching my team get destroyed by K-State
Ahahahaha Cowboys

KC is not going to be good but we saw that coming
KU could have been good. That first quarter was what I wanted to see against an FBS team, three touchdowns, quick offense, good decisions in the running game. Hopefully the running game works, Cozart's a good runner and passer but I wanna see more option play because that seemed to work, Tony Pierson is fast. I like that. Unfortunately the last two quarters weren't so great but it's early and I'm pretty optimistic.
My other team is the Vikings and they did well and I can't complain

Thank you. Next time will be better.

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