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Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday Update: 8/4/14

Doom 64 (N64): First Appearance
Does it seem like I've been playing a lot of N64 games recently? Because I've been playing a bunch of N64 games recently. It's a secret mission, essentially. But hey, Doom 64 is a very good port of the PC game (but with new levels). I would've liked to see a direct port of the original Doom, but the levels in this port are very solid. Also, I bought it used on eBay and it came in immaculate condition (like almost new, and with the manual included).
The Doom series is one of the only games where I really care about the music, so IMAGINE MY DISAPPOINTMENT when I figured out that they dropped the old music, which was iconic, but most importantly melodic, in favor of the same type of music that was used on all of the 32-bit ports, which was sort of atmospheric but ultimately forgettable.
Compare this:

To this:

It was definitely more atmospheric, but in the end I don't care about the first one and I like the second one.

NBA 2K14 (XBONE): Third Appearance, Third Straight Appearance
My living room is getting re-painted so I couldn't get any time with 2K14 in until midnight last night when I placed the console downstairs. Fuck playing with the Kings we lose every game.
2K14 represents a new step forwards in the life of sports gaming - getting punished for staying out late and partying. That's my favorite part of the game, when it gets unnecessarily realistic and it asks you if you want to fund an independent movie. Next year they need to add a dating sim, ability to star in a film about being a magic genie, and give you a broadcast career after retirement.
Also please get me off the Kings thank you

Wave Race 64 (N64): First Appearance
Fuck, this game is good, and that's all I can really say. I ignored it for a long time, but I finally tried it and damn, this is good in the most unphenomenal way.

Blast Corps (N64): First Appearance
It's a game about breaking things and it's weird as hell trying it today. Nintendo needs to bring this series back (actually it's a Rare property so it wouldn't come back on the WiiU, but rather the XBone, so, again, I wanna see this return in FULL HD). It's a game about breaking things and exploding things. Also I bought it used and all the levels were beaten.

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