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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Monday Update: 6/15/14

Next week The Monday Update will be back to the usual schedule instead of being done on a Thursday and then the next Tuesday. Luckily, I do have games to discuss, because on Sunday, I purchased an Xbox One. Here are some thoughts.
-It was surprisingly easy to set up, just the console, cords, and controller
-It immediately updated, which made me wait 40 minutes or so before I could actually enjoy my product
-I couldn't properly log in to my XBOX Live account so I made a new one with my discounted 12-month Gold subscription. Add me on XBOX Live at Golftar
-My Gamertag is a Cheap Seats Reference just so you know

NBA Live 14 (XBONE): First Appearance
We did it. Ladies and gentlemen, I now own a copy of NBA Live 14. It only cost me 16 dollars, which I believe makes it genuinely the least expensive product available for purchase at the Microsoft Store unless I'm missing a few mousepads. Anyway, I played through three games, did two challenges (both Vince Carter and Damian Lillard's buzzer beaters in the 2014 playoffs), and went through one fantasy draft, and let me tell you, this is a pretty average game.
I didn't realize it, but the first game I went through was on the factory default settings, the ones which earned such rave reviews as "one star" and "mediocre" back in November. After that, I figured out how to download the patches released later.
The current version of NBA Live 14 is, indeed, fairly mediocre. There's something exciting about playing a new NBA Live, but it falters in some aspects, most notably these:
-Movement in the post feels sloppy. After playing 2K14, I can't go back to sloppy post play.
-It's far too obvious when an animation begins, especially when it comes to dunking.
-Shooting sometimes doesn't work like it should. I've found good shooters wide open and have been consistently unable to make shots, then again, I've made threes right in defenders' faces.
-I can't get defense inside to work well but that's probably just me.
-I hate all of the camera angles
-Passes get intercepted very frequently
However, movement on the court, especially amongst your teammates feels very good. One of the things I didn't like about 2K14 is how often you'll see your teammates just stand and wait for you to do something, instead of trying to get open. Setting picks works very well and helps open players up. It's very easy for a new player to get into the game, especially when it comes to calling plays.

In the end, Live 14 feels like an experiment above anything else, and I'm looking forward to seeing what Live 15 and 2K15 have in store.

Trials Fusion (XBONE): First Appearance
Well hey, here's this series again. I think Trials HD set the record on my 360 for the most time spent on a demo (also probably on the best OXM Demo Disc I owned). Anyway, this is the perfect game to purchase alongside a new console. Regardless of whether or not the gameplay is good (and it is, it reminds me of the old flash game Free Rider 2, which I played the shit out of), the visuals are amazing. I mean, it's one of those games where you can look and exactly see the graphical capabilities of the new console you just dropped 400 dollars on.

The futuristic settings look great (and shockingly reasonable for a near future in some aspects) and I wouldn't be surprised if it goes all Portal on us and we visit the dark scary side of the future where the lesser people were sent underground but this is a game about motorcycles so I'd like to believe that the future in the Trials universe is nice and fun and contains motorcycles.

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