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Sunday, January 12, 2014


I purchased a PlayStation Vita this week and it was mostly what I played, so be ready for that-

Madden 2003 (GameCube)-
Okay this again. The 2003 season started with a blowout over New England (like 17 points in a 20 minute game) and then another win over Buffalo and then a loss to Oakland in a chokejob in the last 5 minutes (I only lost by 3, but I was up by I think 7 in the fourth quarter). Chad Pennington is a much better quarterback than Vinny was, and somehow Chrebet got moved down a string to make room for some rookie that I forgot that I drafted. Then I think I won another, and then the home rematch with the Bills came up. In week 1, Bledsoe got hurt and Alex Van Pelt (read that Pro Football Reference link there. Van Pelt spent nine seasons with the Bills and started only eleven games, having to back up Rob Johnson, Bledsoe, and Todd Collins throughout), then got hot as shit, threw for like 300+ yards and I think is only trailing Brady, Manning, and Couch (Keep in mind that Couch is good in Madden 2003). They won by like 17 points, and in GameCube Era 2003, I'm campaigning #VanPelt4MVP. So I think I'm 4-2 or 5-2. Doesn't matter because the Patriots are definitely 1-5

I need to stop playing this game

Tearaway (Vita)
I made an interesting development in the past two days. I started playing Tearaway immediately after I received my Vita in the mail from Bezos' house. (I was supposed to get the game on Saturday but Jeff's a real nice guy so it ended up being shipped in the same box on Friday) Now, I never got the chance to play a lot of LittleBigPlanet, (It came out the year after I bought an XBOX 360 to play a classic reboot and I regretted that decision for a while) but MediaMolecule has always been on my "yeah look out for games from these people, you'll want them" list (currently one of two developers on the list with Nintendo SPD [the Warioware devs]) and I'm glad that their's was the first game that I decided to try out for the console.

To state it simply: I knew that Tearaway was one of my favorite titles ever (I mean Top 5 ever at the moment) probably the most quickly of any others. So much of this is nearly perfect. Tearaway is enjoyable enough to justify a 240 dollar purchase in my mind. To put my experience in perspective: The first few levels don't have a jump ability, and I was able to get over that.

I had a hard time playing fucking Ocarina of Time because you can't jump. But I kept going with Tearaway somehow. (and you get to jump later on) I love this game and I really don't want it to end.

NHL '94 (Sega CD)
Ah, yes, back to stupid fucking Sports games you stupid fucking jock idiot fuck you
Actually my friend Matt ordered this game from Jeffbaby (or actually I think it was an independent seller on Amazon) for the Genesis, but the seller sent him a Sega CD copy. He doesn't have a Sega CD, but I do (I think I'm one of the only people in Olathe under the age of like 25 who he could have given it to), so he gave it to me in exchange for my Genesis copy. It's just about as good. I like the use of redbook audio, even though that's about the only difference that I can find between the two games.

I think that's all. I downloaded Gravity Rush for the Vita from PS Plus and played the first level, but I didn't have much room to also have The Walking Dead (which was bundled with the console) downloaded, so I had to let it go.

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