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Friday, April 12, 2013

Post Play Report: Teenagent

I really thought I would enjoy Teenagent, but that just wasn't what happened. I liked the premise, I liked the humor, and I liked the characters, but eventually, it just became too difficult for me. In most games like this point-and-click game from 1994, I don't need to use a walkthrough for many things. I hate using a walkthrough unless I'm absolutely completely stumped. If I can figure something out on my own, I will. In Teenagent, I would find myself completely stumped every few minutes.

Of course, much of this is my own fault. I understand that I have to think with adventure games, and sometimes, I felt stupid, quite frankly, when I would find the answer to a puzzle in a walkthrough. In a few instances, I was just about to try something (for instance, using a spring in getting over the brick wall), but I felt it probably wouldn't work. That led me to become less lenient with my peeks at the walkthrough. Of course, when the time to actually do a mission came, I got completely lost.

There was so much to find! My inventory was constantly expanding upon finding small things in abandoned houses, tricking people into leaving their houses in order to steal from them, and stealing from small animals. It was really interesting to look at what I had and think of what I could do with them. I was excited for how, when, and where these items would come into play. But eventually, the tedium kind of took over in.

I wanted something, anything to happen, and it didn't. I just wanted the plot to advance, but I just got bored with it and put it down. I don't think I'm going to continue. I also don't think all of that is my fault. Some of the puzzles were just asinine. At some points, I found myself scanning my eyes across the screen, my face just inches away from a screen that can't possibly be helping me in health, in order to find some mythical object sitting underneath a chair or on a pathway. I understand that both of these are to be expected from classic adventure games, but it got a little ridiculous in some cases.

There isn't much to hate about Teenagent, and I'll absolutely admit that this is an above-average game, but there are better games to go for. To be fair, you can try Teenagent for absolutely free by signing up for an account at If adventure games are your kind of thing, then go ahead and try Teenagent for free. Just keep in mind that great patience is a must.

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