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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Reggie White: Video Game Sack God

That's in Week 12
The current NFL Sack record is 22.5 sacks, set by defensive lineman Michael Strahan of the New York Giants in 2001. It seems that every year, one or two guys are looking like they're on pace to break this record, but nobody at this point has ever broken it. However, that's the real world.

For whatever reason, I found an old, small, color TV somewhere in my house. I decided to put it in the back corner of my basement, and hooked a Super NES to it. I'm 12 weeks into a season of Tecmo Super Bowl with the Green Bay Packers. (Current record is 8-3) Green Bay is commanded by three main players: Quarterback Brett Favre, Receiver Sterling Sharpe, and Defensive Lineman Reggie White. The defense itself is only okay outside of Reggie White.

Reggie White was a dominant player in his days. But not this dominant. In week 12, he has 27 sacks! At this point, he's on pace to have around 39 total sacks for the season, which would be roughly 1.73 times as many sacks as Strahan had in 2001.

That's what I like about this game. Everything is magnified. When a guy is good in reality, in Tecmo Super Bowl, he's nearly unstoppable. Bo Jackson, Randall Cunningham, Jerry Rice, Dan Marino, Lawrence Taylor, and Reggie White were all great examples of this phenomenon in the Tecmo Super Bowl franchise.

Sports commentators and reporters often describe examples of high scoring football games as being "Video Game Numbers." I've never liked that analogy, for some reason. I guess when I play video games, (mainly in Football and Soccer) I focus on defense. The last game that I played in TSB ended up with me winning 0-11. White had about 6 sacks. Chris Jacke (Packers kicker) was the leading scorer with three field goals. White was the second highest scorer with a sack for a safety. I don't think I've allowed a point to be scored in 2 games. That's why I don't like hearing about "Video Game Numbers." I don't have those kinds of numbers.

If a guy like TSB Reggie White actually ever existed, he would be considered the greatest player of all time for like seven years until people discovered that he was on steroids/the son of a whose priorities were misplaced. Actual Reggie White was just a Hall of Famer considered one of the greatest players of all time. So I guess it worked out for him.

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