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Monday, June 18, 2012

Quick Thoughts about Video Games for 6/18/12

Rhythm Heaven Fever and Kirby: Return To Dreamland make me want to either dust off my half broken Wii or just cut out the hassle of trying to fix it, and just  buy a new one.
My Wii's internal memory tends to corrupt any and all save files. It's rather annoying, seeing how I can't play games like Animal Crossing: City Folk at all,  because there's only save file, I can't make another, and my Wii freezes every time that I try to look at the memory. I have given that Wii to my younger sister, so I'm in a position where I could simply purchase a brand new, working Wii, but I likely will just live without it.
The 3DS looks like it has a number of good games that I haven't had the money to buy. Thankfully, I'm working again this summer, so money may not be an issue now
Hopefully I'll start playing newer games sometime soon.  I stopped buying them mainly because of high prices, but also because I couldn't find many games that interested me for a long while. It seems, however, that I simply wasn't looking in the right places. I've got high hopes for the future of Video Games, and I'm confident that the next few years will be great.

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