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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Opinions on Sonic Generations

Sonic Generations is coming out later this year, and I'll declare one thing. I won't get too excited about it. A couple years ago, I got really supportive of Sonic Unleashed. I remember reading's message boards and having arguments about petty things like "Which characters other than sonic should be in the game?", "What 3D sonic games are good? Will this game be good? "Which voice actor should play sonic?"

(It would be this guy, by the way)

We were all so excited. We all wanted to see a new Sonic game with new features and an innovative new character. Sonic was returning to form after "Sonic the Hedgehog" from 2006, and we would all be able to finally see Sonic's return to being one of the biggest characters in gaming.

But, like most video games it had to be released. I awaited the review scores to come in and I would buy it, once everyone knew it was good.

Of course, everyone knew the story. Once Sonic Unleashed actually was released, it got scathing reviews, and everyone was convinced that Sonic games would never be good again. I spent several months waiting, looking at previews, playing the demo, and then eventually not buying it. I felt kind of stupid, to be honest. I certainly thought that I wouldn't buy a new Sonic game unless I was strictly pushed otherwise. I waited.

Sonic and the Black Knight came out, got bad reviews, and I felt accomplished for not caring about it at all. But then last year, Sonic 4 and Sonic Colors were both released. Not to my surprise, "True Sonic Fans" hated Sonic 4. But certainly to my surprise was the fact that most people found it very enjoyable. Sonic Colors received very positive reviews as well. I thought "Are sonic games improving?"

But now I'm in a hard place to be. I want to buy this new sonic game, but I don't want it to be a huge waste of money. To be honest I want a good, new sonic game. But I also don't want to waste any money on bad games. Generally, I'm very rarely in a position of having $60 at many points in the year. The last game that I went to the store and spent $60 for a brand new game. It was Halo: Reach. I can't describe the amount of disappointment that I felt in playing Halo: Reach. Now, I'm kind of hesitant about buying any new video games that don't either attract my attention by being a new idea, or be a sequel to a proven series that I enjoy.

At the moment, I might buy Sonic Generations. I just don't want to be more disappointed in sonic games.

-The Count

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